Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Over the years I’ve been a million different things. But the thing that has always been constant is my dedication to being authentic. Living authentically isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes guts to be true to yourself. Especially when the naysayers in your life keep telling you to be someone you aren’t. And it’s hard to be authentic when life throws you a curveball and knocks the wind out of you. But being authentic, true to ourselves, is where our deepest goodness dwells. It’s how we live a life in full bloom. 

 Maybe you are feeling a bit lost, or alone right now and you want to learn how to let your precious light shine, to feel happier, healthier, more vibrant and alive—authentic—and you’re wondering if I can help you. Yes, I can. 

I’ve got a doctorate in psychology. I’ve been on TV and radio and interviewed by top-tier media for my unique coaching and my self-help books. (For two years my daily Soul Reminders were read around the world. I’m happy to be writing them once again.) I’ve studied social neuroscience and understand human behavior. 

But it’s not just my education that makes me an effective coach. It’s the lessons I’ve learned in times of hardship and heartbreak that increased my skills to help you transform your life. I survived a life-threatening brain injury which took me on an amazing journey of letting go of everything that blocked my highest potential. I learned to forgive, to live in gratitude, and to boldly and courageously carve out the life I wanted, full of what I love the most.

On top of my education and life experience, I was born with a God-given gift to connect with spirit and energy. I use this gift to help people connect with their deepest self so that they are happier and healthier. I read crystal balls and I do hands-on intuitive healing sessions. 

It was in my garden is where Spirit, God—call it what you like—transformed me when I was healing. It is that love, that healing, that magic and mystery of the Divine that I want most to share with you. For it is in that Divine light and love that you will be nourished and grow and thrive and bloom!  I’m dedicated to you and your success.

I’m glad you are here.

My Philosophy

We are all on the same journey; searching for love, acceptance, health, wealth, and happiness. I believe we need to pay attention to and nurture our body, our mind and, our spirit. I work with people who are open to and willing to look at all areas of their life in order to heal, transform, live their dream, etc. I understand that we rarely live or fullest expression until we face and move past our fears. That’s why I work extraordinarily hard to help my clients quiet the fear region of their brains so that they can expand into the biggest life they dream of.

I welcome and embrace people of all faiths, sexual orientation, gender identification, political parties, etc. I am grateful and honored to be so deeply trusted and loved by the people I work with. I am always reminded that I am in service to God, by being of service to others.

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