I’ve always been intrigued with the statement Jesus made about our abilities to heal one another. He said that we could do all that He had done, and more. I can’t say that I can do more, let alone say that I can heal others with the same miraculous results that he had. (How I wish I could spit on dirt and restore someone’s eyesight)! However, I do sense things, blockages of energy in the whole flow of the body— past trauma, anger, fear—that is stuck and help release it. 

I utilize a light hands-on technique (I earned my massage license in the late 1990’s) and work with what arises. My hands-on intuitive healing sessions are designed to help you go deeper into your heart and soul. They are not designed to be a massage session.

I can’t cure any illness. I don’t claim to. I don’t claim to be a medical doctor, nor do I practice medicine. My sessions are very spiritual in nature.

Healing sessions are at 401 Spring Street, Nevada City, Ca.

To book a hands-on healing session at my office, please click here.