In the garden was where the magic happened… the mystery, the Divine love that healed me.

On top of the God-given abilities that I shared through crystal ball readings and hands-on intuitive healing, I had a unique coaching career. A book I had written had catapulted me into the spotlight of the media; T.V appearances, radio shows, magazines and newspaper interviews. I was happy. But I wasn’t healthy. A medication I was taking (as prescribed) was destroying receptors in my brain and body. But doctors didn’t know that, and so I became deathly ill. When I got home from the hospital I was unable to work; I could barely stand up or walk.

One morning I felt God (Spirit, Higher Power, call it whatever you like) nudge me out of the house and into my front yard. “Plant a Garden,” I was told. I could hardly stand up, but I did what God asked me to do.

For five years, as my brain healed, my front yard was the center of my world. Every season I planted new exotic annuals that attracted people from all over to come and see. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I was building community, and that community was part of my healing. So was the wildlife I fed every day; birds, squirrels, butterflies, and bees. I even put out water and treats for all of the dogs walking by.

Strangers who were in need of healing mysteriously found their way into the garden. They’d tell me their troubles and I’d listen. I realized that there was something far more important going on than flowers growing. The garden had become sacred space.

I can’t physically share my garden with everyone, but I can share the love that grows there. I can share the lessons I’ve learned, and the strength and power I’ve been given. May they touch your heart and soul as they do mine.